Bubbles are picky..

Bubbles are very particular about environmental conditions. Knowing when and where to bubble is great knowledge to have as a Bubblemancer. First we must understand that bubbles pop from all things dry. So if you're trying to bubble in extremely dry conditions you will undoubtedly have issues. Bubbles also don't do well with high temperatures and direct sunlight. So keep it in the shade on hot days.

The ideal conditions for bubbling are as followings:

  • High air quality (dust, pollen, pollutants, bugs, exhaust fuses. All pop bubbles)
  • Moderate to high humidity (low humidity = dryness)
  • Minimal direct sunlight (sunrise/sunset/night/overcast days work the best for bubbling)
  • Low to moderate temperatures (high temperatures = water evaporation)
  • Low to moderate wind (high winds pop large bubbles. cast smaller ones)

Still having problems? Review our Troubleshooting page.